UI Translation

User Interface translations have begun for FAR HTML 5 build 732.

Note that there are too many strings in FAR to translate. Our current aim is to translate just the main windows.

FAR is Unicode so you can flip between languages without changing Windows region settings. However make sure you have the correct language packs installed otherwise text wont display correctly.

Translate Info

Download and Install the latest FAR HTML Beta.  Contact us is you need help. 

Language translation files live In the same folder as FAR.exe and are of the form FAR.lang.XXX, whereXXX is the language code (E.G For German XXX="de"). These are simple Unicode text files. No compilation is required. You see the changes as soon as you reload the language file.

If you run FAR on say a German machine we automatically look for the translation file FAR.lang.de. If the "de" language file is not found we remain in English (the default language). 

FAR menu command "Options > Set UI Language" allows you to load a language other than the default.

Available Language

 Language Code  Released Translator
 Arabic ar  
 Basque eu  
 Catalan ca  
 Chinese Simplified      chs  In progress
 Chinese Traditional cht   
 Czech cs 

 Danish da   
 Dutch nl 

 English en

 Finnish fi   
 French fr   
 German de In progress   Ulrich Kulle [MVP 2007-2009] - www.help-info.de 
 Greek el   
 Hebrew he 

 Hungarian hu   
 Italian it 

 Japanese jp  In progress
 Korean ko   
 Norwegian no   
 Polish pl 

 Portuguese (Brazilian) ptb 

 Portuguese pt   
 Russian ru   
 Slovakian sk   
 Slovenian sl   
 Spanish es   
 Swedish sv 

 Turkish tr   

You could make up your own codes. However the codes above should be used if you want FAR to detect and auto-load the language.

How to Translate

Because of file protection in c:\program files\ I suggest you copy the FAR install folder outside c:\program files and work from there.

If your language is not found make a copy of the file FAR.lang.en (in the same folder as FAR.exe). 
For a German translation rename this copy to FAR.lang.de.
For a Japanese translation rename this copy to FAR.lang.jp. etc
(See the "Code" column in the table above for a list of valid language codes).

Your language file must be UNICODE encoded, same as the FAR.lang.en file.

Open the file in Windows Notepad (or any Unicode text editor).

The lang file contains lines like

ResStrgID=Some Text: %1 |Some Text %2|Some Text: %3 More text.
  • Do not modify ResStrID= as these are resource string identifiers.
  • Do not modify links starting with ";" as these are comment lines.
  • Do not modify "|" chars as these represent Line Feeds and parameter delimiters. #9 is expanded to the Tab character.
  • Do not modify "%s", "%1", "%2", "%3" text as these are replaced with numbers at run-time.
  • You can wrap your text in quotes if you want. Usually no value.
  • Menu items can optionally contain a "&" char to create an underline keyboard shortcut (accelerator). 
    Use && to display the & character. If you don't add an & accelerator it will be added automatically.


Make sure your FAR.lang.XXX file is in the same folder as FAR.exe. 
Open FAR and from the Options menu select "Set UI Language". Select your language.